0.2b - New UI
04/08/2022 21:16:28

New UI in game !
-All UI has been changed to look like a newer video game, everything has been remastered!

- In the menu My fleets or My planets, a right click Follow the camera on the object while a left click opens the UI menu of the object (on mobile it does both)

-Clicking on a planet opens the planet management menu.

-Clicking on a fleet opens fleet management, otherwise all fleets are available in the menu tab 'My fleets'.

- Everything is dynamic, the movement of fleets too, and the display of UI.

- Research panel: You can no longer choose which planet to do the research, it automatically takes the planet with the best lab

-All galaxy fleets are displayed and are dynamic

- The planets are charged only if you click on a star, and therefore the ships go into orbit if they are on a planet, otherwise they are in orbit of the star

-The galaxy looks like a real galaxy shape

More UI improvements will come but the base is there.

Thanks for playing S-U !