0.3 news and fix
11/09/2022 22:53:54

Fixe: New AI empire has empty name
Add: New AI account has now random username
Add: Story generation in admin
- Fixe: Can see 'Colonize' button on any owned planet (with my fleet)
- Fixe: Can see 'Attack' button on its own planet (with my fleet)
- Fixe: Can attack our own planet (with my fleet)
- Add: Can now attack specific enemy fleet from our own planet (click on it and "Attack" button) (Warning: if enemy has more than one fleets, all fleets in orbit participate to the war)
Fixe: Fleet are not moving some time (not visible by some users)
- Fixe: Allies that defend planet is considered as defeated after attack
- Fixe: Reset resource updating when lost planet (else when re-colonized all resources based on the last owner is given to the new owner)

0.2c bug fixe
02/09/2022 19:40:22

- Fixed: All fleets that will be part of the attack will be set to "Attack mode" when launching the attack
- Fixed: Fleets in "RUN AWAY" mode leaked directly when launching the attack
(before it was waiting for the fight duration time to make this logic)
- Fixed: calculation of attack time with respect to the strongest fleet
Fixe: Combat duration time based on higher fleet defense
Fixe: Activity window issue in listing activities some times
Fixe: When building ship in planet, automatic scroll to top
Fixe: When running research lab, automatic scroll to top
Fixe: Research UI issue with content overflow window
Fixe: Battle animation in Fleet UI too quickly

0.2b - New UI
04/08/2022 21:16:28

New UI in game !
-All UI has been changed to look like a newer video game, everything has been remastered!

- In the menu My fleets or My planets, a right click Follow the camera on the object while a left click opens the UI menu of the object (on mobile it does both)

-Clicking on a planet opens the planet management menu.

-Clicking on a fleet opens fleet management, otherwise all fleets are available in the menu tab 'My fleets'.

- Everything is dynamic, the movement of fleets too, and the display of UI.

- Research panel: You can no longer choose which planet to do the research, it automatically takes the planet with the best lab

-All galaxy fleets are displayed and are dynamic

- The planets are charged only if you click on a star, and therefore the ships go into orbit if they are on a planet, otherwise they are in orbit of the star

-The galaxy looks like a real galaxy shape

More UI improvements will come but the base is there.

Thanks for playing S-U !

0.2 - attack system
03/08/2022 22:42:47

Hi !

In game, you have possibilities an attack others players !

Thanks for playoing S-U

03/08/2022 22:42:07

Icon display of fleet with planets and stars.

Now, if ships in a fleet are in orbit of a planet or a star, an icon will display them pre-positioned in the system view.

Display of the coordinates of the system on its star when you are in the system.

In system view, we now display the coordinates under the star concerned.

Now, planetary info is only displayed if you own the planet or have a device in orbit.

This will add meaning to the probes which are very fast. They will therefore allow to go on reconnaissance to find out if the planet is interesting to colonize.

In the next updates, this will bring the game the ability to attack other fleets and defend themselves.

In addition, cargo ships will be used to transport resources. (WIP)

In the meantime, good exploration and good colonization: D

Thanks for playing SU!

03/08/2022 22:41:42

Hi !

Some small fixes and improvements have been made to the game.

We have fixed the bug which constantly updated the list of fleets, which was annoying to take the time to give a movement order to a fleet.

The graphic appearance has been improved and made more visible and pleasing on the display of planets and constructions.

We have set up an in-game shootbox to share your game experience in real time :)

Other big news will arrive very quickly, in the meantime, thank you for your constructive feedback and suggestions: D

Thanks for playing SU!