0.3 news and fix
11/09/2022 22:53:54

Fixe: New AI empire has empty name
Add: New AI account has now random username
Add: Story generation in admin
- Fixe: Can see 'Colonize' button on any owned planet (with my fleet)
- Fixe: Can see 'Attack' button on its own planet (with my fleet)
- Fixe: Can attack our own planet (with my fleet)
- Add: Can now attack specific enemy fleet from our own planet (click on it and "Attack" button) (Warning: if enemy has more than one fleets, all fleets in orbit participate to the war)
Fixe: Fleet are not moving some time (not visible by some users)
- Fixe: Allies that defend planet is considered as defeated after attack
- Fixe: Reset resource updating when lost planet (else when re-colonized all resources based on the last owner is given to the new owner)