0.4 New feature and fix
12/03/2023 10:58:05

- Added politics system. Politics increase or decrease relations with others empire if not compatible.
- Fixed that Activity window scroll to bottom when refresh datas (not anymore)
- Added relation based on actions: Relation cab also be increased/decreased when attacking or helping on attack.
- Fleets are now colored based on relations
- Improved planet UI with background planet image
- Improved Research UI
- Fixe UI planet issue on mobile
- Fixe fleet not load correctly when first load system on game start (fleet are keep on the sun)
- Added btn 'Follow" on Fleet window (for owned fleets)
- Added planet count in My planets window
- Added fleet count / limit in My fleets window
- Added missing translations
- Fixed can't use input for changing system
- Chat do not scroll to bottom if you wan't to go up
- Added loader on loading system
- Added players count on homepage
- Fixe: AI need to apply fleet position status (attack or defend)
- Fixe on combat logic
- Change on equilibration
- Increased travel time x2 inter-planet
- Fixe security issues on actions logic
- Improvement: You can now upgrade or downgrade building without closing and reopening the Planet window
- Added limit fleet size (max 100)
- Fixe on relations logic
- Change: AI chance to attack neutral : 25% to => 15%
- Fixe when changing system, fleet of the old system are teleported
- Added button on Star's UI to move fleet here
Thancks for playing S-U !