[EVENT]The Star Wars !
01/11/2023 11:21:30

Dear players,

We are happy to announce the launch of a new event on stellar-universe.com: Star Wars!

From November 1 to 30, 2023, you can take part in epic space battles against other players and enemy AI. You will also be able to explore new planets, discover secrets of the universe and earn exclusive rewards.

To participate in the event, simply log in to the game and create an empire.

The event will take place in two phases:

- Phase 1: from November 1 to 21, you will have to recruit allies, build ships and prepare your strategy.
You will have to face other empires in space battles. You will earn points based on your wins, losses, and damage dealt.
You will have to explore unknown planets and colonize them. You will earn points based on your speed, ingenuity and curiosity.
- Phase 2: from November 22 to 30, you will have to face the ultimate threat: the Dark Lord. It is an enemy common to all empires, which will try to destroy the universe. You will have to join forces to defeat him and save the galaxy.

At the end of the event, the empire with the most points and at the top of the rankings will be declared the winner and will receive special rewards.

We hope you enjoy this event and experience extraordinary adventures in stellar-universe.com!

May the force be with you !