0.2b - New UI
04/08/2022 21:16:28

New UI in game ! -All UI has been changed to look like a newer video game, everything has been remastered! - In the menu My fleets or My planets, a right click Follow the camera on the object while a...

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0.2 - attack system
03/08/2022 22:42:47

Hi ! In game, you have possibilities an attack others players ! Thanks for playoing S-U...

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03/08/2022 22:42:07

Icon display of fleet with planets and stars. Now, if ships in a fleet are in orbit of a planet or a star, an icon will display them pre-positioned in the system view. Display of the coordinates of ...

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03/08/2022 22:41:42

Hi ! Some small fixes and improvements have been made to the game. We have fixed the bug which constantly updated the list of fleets, which was annoying to take the time to give a movement order to ...

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Attention Calling the whole galaxy
10/06/2022 20:38:41

The Valkiry Empire is controlled by a robotic race that continues to grow in our region. These are very adaptive to any type of planet, we warn you against them, they are numerous, dangerous and kill ...

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