[EVENT]The Star Wars !
01/11/2023 11:21:30

Dear players, We are happy to announce the launch of a new event on stellar-universe.com: Star Wars! From November 1 to 30, 2023, you can take part in epic space battles against other players and en...

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0.4.1 Small fixe and change
17/06/2023 09:59:34

Fixed: Spaceship object tint depending on relation is incorrect Change: Now empires list is ordered by a score depending on number of planets, fleets, and best lab level and colonisation. Before, it ...

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The planets are coming
11/06/2023 22:19:19

In the next update we will rework the planetary management. It will no longer be a management window but a whole intra-planetary scene allowing you to build on it and improve your buildings. There wil...

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0.4 New feature and fix
12/03/2023 10:58:05

- Added politics system. Politics increase or decrease relations with others empire if not compatible. - Fixed that Activity window scroll to bottom when refresh datas (not anymore) - Added relation b...

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0.3 news and fix
11/09/2022 22:53:54

Fixe: New AI empire has empty name Add: New AI account has now random username Add: Story generation in admin - Fixe: Can see 'Colonize' button on any owned planet (with my fleet) - Fixe: Can see 'Att...

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0.2c bug fixe
02/09/2022 19:40:22

- Fixed: All fleets that will be part of the attack will be set to "Attack mode" when launching the attack - Fixed: Fleets in "RUN AWAY" mode leaked directly when launching the attack (before it was w...

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